Leaders motivate employees and drive performance. We work with your leaders to inspire “ah-ha” moments that generate learnings, growth and development toward goals.

  First Time Manager

Get a solid foundation for what it takes to make a successful transition from individual contributor to a manager of people. You will review the essential management competencies and theories & learn how to set expectations, provide feedback and develop direct reports.

  Manager to Leader

Advance the quality and abilities of your leaders to be able to motivate individuals, connect organizational strategies to department goals and inspire others to contribute at even greater levels. Drive satisfaction and meaningful contributions through advanced leadership methodologies and techniques. Build confidence and increase results.

  Women In Leadership

Women continue to increase in our working population. Dedicating a focus to their development and growth both in terms of confidence and capabilities is a key focus. Learn about your leadership style, challenge yourself to stretch and reach higher levels of competence and
impact. Using assessments, small interactive exercises over multi-month programs, you are able to drive sustained development.

  Situational Leadership

The Situational Leadership® Model provides a powerful, yet flexible tool that enables leaders to diagnose the variables of any given situation and adapt their management styles to the behavioral needs of the individual or group they are trying to influence to achieve better results.

“Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily; even if you had no title or position.” —Brian Tracy

  The Emotionally Intelligent Manager

With this powerful tool that packs a punch increase your leadership capabilities using the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) framework and assessment. You will be better able to understand yourself and others, create and implement strategies to motivate and inspire. EQ helps you better recognize your own feelings and those of others so that you can become a more impactful leader.

  Impact & Influence

As a leader your role is complex, requires you to reach across boundaries and inspire people at all levels to achieve results. Your ability to influence becomes a critical skill to your success. Influence is the foundation that allows you to create alignment and collaborate with stakeholders in order to find common ground and develop common strategies/goals.

  Managing Organizational Change

Learn current methodologies and tools to successfully manage a change across individuals, teams and organizations to a desired future state. Using the Prosci® Change Management Process, you will better understand and be able to manage individual and organizational change needs.

  Conquering Conflict

Are you fearful of conflicts? Do you fan the fire or are you able to put it out? Using researched, proven instruments to understand your level of comfort and approach to handling conflict is the first step to creating your best strategies to increase your effectiveness and ability to build stronger relationships. Conflicts are inevitable when there are differing perspectives – learn to embrace the differences and build greater solutions. Increase your ability to navigate your emotions and responses in times of conflict to produce more productive outcomes.

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